Sunday, 9 August 2009

Promarker Storage

Had a go today at creating a printable template myself. I've tried to create a desk tidy so that I can hold my Promarkers. It's still under construction but I thought I'd show you my prototype version.

There are 5 compartments to it. It has a central container which is slightly taller than the other 4 and then 4 interlocking sections to create a large base.

I think I still need to play with it a bit and work on the dimensions etc. Maybe if I added some dividers to it then I'd be able to group the PMs into colour groups (nah, think that's too adventurous for me!). Anyway, enough waffling, what do you think?


On a seperate issue, has anyone else been getting a lot of spam comments lately? I've had LOADS over the last few days and so have had to turn on word verification to combat it. I've never had this option on before because I wanted people to be able to comment without any hassle, however, the situation got too much. Hope this doesn't put people off commenting here.


Irina said...

Awesome project Paul!!! Looking forward to the template, might just have to make one for my Copic Markers ;)
I did get a lot of spam a few months back, and have turned the Word Verification on since.. As annoying as it can get to use it, I think it is much more annoying to get spam..

Patti J. said...

Great idea Paul! I don't have any promarkers... can they be stored standing up? Most everything I have, I'm told to store on their sides.... Will have to find out where they sell Promarkers... Would love to try them! Anyway, your concept is wonderful - any marketing plans???

Scrappymax said...

Great idea Paul, I think it works really well. Look forward to seeing the final version.

Kimmi said...

Fabulous idea Paul. I dont use ProMarkers, I have Copics... I should really get some decent storage but for the moment I think they are happy in the tins and packaging (72 case) they came in!

Never got any spam (YET) and have my word verification turned off (Or at least I think I have...) IF I start to get spam I will quickly turn it on! How annoying must that be!


Sue from Oregon said...

SPAM...yuck in emails and yuck to eat LOL! (it was quite the in thing in the 60's LOL)

Great project...I am still struggling with my pen storage...I would love to have one of those wire holders but would rather have more pens! You are not only crafty with stamping I see! Let us know how you like it!

Clare said...

Hi Paul,
What a great project and so useful too!
I don't like word verification but it's there for a reason, so if you're having problems you've got to use it. It certainly won't put me off visiting your blog.

Donna said...

This is fantastic Paul, I have my promarkers in tubs which are useless as I have to empty them all out on the table when I'm using them as I can't see the colours. I've been getting alot of spam lately too, they come through as e mails from friends but are advertising shops/people. Pain in the bum. Donna x

Bettythebaglady said...

Dear Paul it hasn't put me off and this is the first time in a while I could check you out without it crashing my computer. Great idea for the promarkers. I keep mine in some plastic "jars" which used to contain Morrisons fridge fruit.I'm sure that desk tidy would be good for all sorts of stuff.BettyXXX
PS are you going off on any more climbing jaunts this hols?

Bettythebaglady said...

Paul have just checked out your other posts and congrats on the DT place. Love the stationery folder-it is so well finished and thought out. Love BettyXXX

Elaine said...

Wow! I want one !! Thats a fantastic idea Paul.. will you be doing a tutorial or selling your instructions, its fab!

Elaine x

Anonymous said...

Clever, clever!!! Hidden talents, eh, Paul? :o) Love your work, as always.

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

I NEED this for my Copics, Paul! Seriously... it's just what I have been looking for. What do I need to do to get my hands on one? :)

I haven't received much spam since I started blogging. I don't care for word verification but I use it to keep spam to a minimum.

xx Jane

Elaine Stark said...

This is a great idea and I would be very interested in a template for this design. My markers are just in a couple of tubs.
Love the rest of your blog too. Elaine

Natty Noggitt said...

Wow - fab idea - do u know if they can be stored upright? I know someone else asked but I didn't see your answer. Apologies if u have already answered. R u sending out copies of the template? Again apologies if u have already answered. Someone asked about where 2 get them - try Sets 1-6 at £3.95. Bargain! Would love copy of or link 2 template. This is my first comment. Hope it works ok.

Gwen Mangelson said...

Love the prototype when will you have a finished tutorial for sale for it? Can't wait to create one for my table and to teach to my stampers!