Sunday, 21 December 2008

A reason for making Galaxy Chocolate bars bigger...

If ever there was a reason for buying bigger bars of chocolate, then this is the best. I was using my Reindeer andSleigh Elzy Stamp but YOU CAN'T FIT THE WHOLE OF THE STAMP ONTO THE WRAPPER. They need to make the bars longer next year!!! Maybe we should start a campaign. Well here's a look at the result anyway:

This one was simply stamped and coloured with Promarkers. Quick and easy! It looks much better (and clearer) if you click on it to enlarge it.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Choccie Bar

Well here we go - here's the decorated chocolate bar I said I was going to do after seeing the ideas on the Elzybells blog. I have adapted it a little as I didn't have the reindeer stamp and so used the Eskimo instead - coloured in with Promarkers no less!!! I couldn't find any red ribbon which matched and so went for brown instead. I couldn't believe my luck when I found some metallic red card which I'd forgotten about and it matched the foil of the chocolate bar - what a fluke!!!

After looking at all the other designs on the page, I think I may need to invest in the small snowflake stamp and the set of 4 robins in time for next Christmas.

Linanna's Blog Candy

I think I've come across one of the most amazing Blog Candy Giveaways I have ever seen - check it out for yourself over at Linanna Designs. I've been eyeing up those Nestabilities for a while so I have my fingers firmly crossed.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Some more...

I managed to finish off the blue carol singers card last night. Backed it using silver and blue. I like the colours of this although I prefer the others I made. It just seems a bit too 'cold'.

Also made some quick cards with the Pink Petticoat 'Tis the Season' set. It came in useful for some quick and easy, last minute cards. I haven't used much of this set this year but it'll be ready for next year.

Also, I went to pick up my Blush pen today and an Ivory just happened to fall in too (I had predicted this would happen). Imagine the shock I had when I got to the till and saw that another 13 had 'fallen' into the basket too!!! As you can imagine, I was gobsmacked - well it would have been a lot of work to go back and return them to their original boxes again so I've given them a new home with me!!!

I also bought some Brown Parcel Paper in Tesco today so that I can have a go at some of Elizabeth's ideas over on the Elzybells blog. Can't say mine will look as good as her's but take a look for yourself here. Who would have know brown paper could look so good.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New buy

After resisting for a long time, I finally gave in today. Instead of doing my Chritmas shopping, I went ahead and bought myself some Promarkers!!! I struggled looking at the sets and couldn't decide which to get. I picked 2 in the end but noticed that there were doubles but the shop allowed me to swap some out for colours I wanted as they also sold then individually - how brill are these small shops for doing things like that. So I am now a proud owner of 22 pens and a blender. Unfortunately, they were out of 'Blush' which from what I've heard is great for skin tone. However, it will be in stock tomorrow and so have reserved it.

So here's my first attempt at using them. I was amazed at how well the color comes out - no streaking at all just a pure block of consistent colour. The wording on the bottom is 'We wish you a merry Christmas...' in Welsh. The faces look a bit pale as I used a watercolour pencil which hasn't come out well in the pic.

I liked the card but had another go using different colours - I think I prefer this one as the colours are more traditional and vibrant.

And here's the one I'm working on using only shades of blue for the clothes. The faces are still white as I'm going to wait for my Blush pen.


Thanks to Elaine, Poppet and Wendy for suggesting Ivory for skin tone - that might fall into the basket when I collect my blush pen!!!

BTW If you thought my spelling was gettng worse now that I've left teaching and strugged to read the post - it hasn't, just a dodgy keyboard which needs replacing - I think I've corrected all the missing letters now!!!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Some quickies

Here's a couple of quick print and colour cards using Pink Petticoat images. I've used a mixture of Whispers Pens and Watercolouring and obviously some stickles at the end for that touch of sparkle.

I think they look a bit bare right now so might add a doodle frame to them.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Cards for the Infants (of sorts!)

No way - no blogging for ages and then a second in one day...

Seeing as time is running out, I started on my cards for the school children. I wanted to make a different shaped card for the little ones. I wanted to make a triangular card but ended up coming across
this template when looking at the Pink Petticoat blog.

So they're not getting a 'card' in the strictest sense as the will be getting a pyramid box instead. Here's close up.
I don't think they'll mind that it isn't a card seeing as there was a little space for some Polar Bear poop inside (don't panic, they're only choccie buttons). The Polar Bear is also from Pink Petticoat as is the Snowflake print. The Polar Bear's belly and cheek is highlighted with Sakura Stardust to add some sparkle and the outside of the tag is chalked to match the colour of the snowfakes.

The only thing I found difficult with these was tying the bows!!! Still need to practice that. Never mind, the bows won't be looked at for long before being ripped open.

A bit of a cheat

A while ago, on the Elzybells Blog, there were 2 challenges - design a stamped gift packaging and a Christmas Decoration. I know this is a bit of a cheat but I thought I'd show you what my Cubs have made for Christmas.

Firstly here are their Christmas tree decorations. The were made using nestabilities and Elzybells stamps. They made two of the Penguin circles each and stuck them onto the scalloped circle. They really enjoyed using the Koi waterbrushes for the watercolouring.

Secondly, they made matching boxes using the same techniques but on boxes. The used the same penguin but an eskimo for the other side. The snowflakes on the coloured sides have silver gel pen accents on them to add some sparkle.

Hope you like them and sorry that I didn't make them myself!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

An actual update - SHOCKING!!!

I know it has been a VERY long time since I last posted. Have been very busy between my new course, school an dance weekends. This has meant no time for card making. However I can share with you one I made a while ago as the recipient will have had it now. After seeing a tutorial on Pink Petticoat using the Washed Out papers, I had to get them!!! I printed out a sheet of the lilac and them printed the lilac snowflakes paper on top again. I used them for this 40th card as I thought they looked like sparkles. I printed out a 40 and cut it out and decoupaged the 4 above the 0. Printed a reverse version of the design as backing paper and added some sparkle with peel offs and some gems.

I now have to try and make some Christmas cards this weekend so I may have some updates soon however my camera has decided to play up so fingers crossed!