Friday, 13 April 2018

Easel Card Workshop

Recently ran a workshop to demonstrate how to make an Easel Card. We also used Pixie Powders on coloured card for a 'Cheat Pixie' method! I promised I'd share a tutorial. Well here it is.

 Use the 8th (counting from largest to smallest) Stitched Octagon to make the base. This is just slightly lager than the largest plain octagon we will be using from the Lavish Adorned Octagon set.

1) Cut a strip of white card stock twice the length of your shape.

2) Fold the card in half (doesn’t need to be exact). Place the base shape over the edge and cut. It should look like this:

You should end up with this:

 3) Place the shape on your score board. Make sure the side with the neat stitching, facing up, is off to your right. This Octagon is about 5” white, so to score half way, I scored at 2.5”. Again, this does not need to be an exact measurement. 

4) Fold as below. Make sure the base is the ‘neat’ stitching.

5) Cut another Hexagon using the die you used for the base. Attach adhesive to the lower section of the folded side.

6) Attach a complete Octagon onto the base. The easel is now complete. Decorate as you wish.

To make the Butterfly Easel Card, cut the following:

And here are some pictures from the workshop itself.