Monday, 26 October 2009

An award

I've only just come across Denyze's blog and love her work. She left me an award which I think is great - it's always nice to know that what you do has put a smile on someones face. Thanks Denyze.

Now I have to write 5 things about myself and then pass it on to 5 more people so that we are spreading the smiles.
  1. I was a primary school teacher (still teach a little) but now study on an Outdoor Education Course teaching outdoor pursuits to children
  2. I really love rock climbing
  3. I've just got my first kayaking award for rescuing
  4. I couldn't craft without my Cuttlebug, it has so many uses
  5. I am my worst critic and often think things are worse than they are

And who am I passing this award on to? Here are my five:

Sarah - always a source of inspiration

Elaine - a good online friend who has saved me many a time from crafting disasters

Jane - an ATCs addict with an addiction to Elzybells just like myself

Scrappy Max - amazing colouring

She - for her amazing and unique ATC style


Milliesmarvels said...

Hi Paul! Thank you so much for this award, it is so kind of you! I will post in on my blog later and pass it on to 5 more of my favourite bloggers :-) It is my first award ever!
Thanks again!

Sarah B said...

Thanks Paul, I'll post it later, Hope you are well, Hugs Sarah B X

Elaine said...

Awwwww thank you sooo much Paul, it has to be said you have done the same for me too!! lol!

Will think of who to pass it on to and put it up later on.

Have been a bit quiet lately as RL took over a bit and the kids are on half term at the moment.. but l will be doing more l promise, you can always catch me on MSN too :)

Elaine xxx

She said...

Hi Paul. Thank you. I'll post it later - coming right back at you though! Your blog always cheers me and raises a smile! Thanks again, S xxx

Scrappymax said...

Hi Paul, thank you so much for this award, it really means a lot to think that someone with so much talent as you thinks that my colouring is good.
I will add this to my blog when I get home from work and pass it on.
Thanks again Max x

Sarah B said...

Hi Paul, the Sizzix die is Box 3 here is the link to The Gliter Pot

it is the best box die in my opinion they have bought out, a good size, Hugs Sarah B X

PS: Can you email me I have lost your email address