Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New buy

After resisting for a long time, I finally gave in today. Instead of doing my Chritmas shopping, I went ahead and bought myself some Promarkers!!! I struggled looking at the sets and couldn't decide which to get. I picked 2 in the end but noticed that there were doubles but the shop allowed me to swap some out for colours I wanted as they also sold then individually - how brill are these small shops for doing things like that. So I am now a proud owner of 22 pens and a blender. Unfortunately, they were out of 'Blush' which from what I've heard is great for skin tone. However, it will be in stock tomorrow and so have reserved it.

So here's my first attempt at using them. I was amazed at how well the color comes out - no streaking at all just a pure block of consistent colour. The wording on the bottom is 'We wish you a merry Christmas...' in Welsh. The faces look a bit pale as I used a watercolour pencil which hasn't come out well in the pic.

I liked the card but had another go using different colours - I think I prefer this one as the colours are more traditional and vibrant.

And here's the one I'm working on using only shades of blue for the clothes. The faces are still white as I'm going to wait for my Blush pen.


Thanks to Elaine, Poppet and Wendy for suggesting Ivory for skin tone - that might fall into the basket when I collect my blush pen!!!

BTW If you thought my spelling was gettng worse now that I've left teaching and strugged to read the post - it hasn't, just a dodgy keyboard which needs replacing - I think I've corrected all the missing letters now!!!


Wendy said...

Well done on your purchase Paul you won't regret it and your colouring looks great. I sometimes use Ivory for the skin don't know if you have that one.
Wendy x

POPPET said...

Oh i gave in to and bought some i use ivory then blush around the edges and quickly go over it with ivory again to blend it, i know of a tutorial if you would be interested to help you get started, Fran has done a great job with this...

fab colouring for your first go though i am impressed, hugs Pops x x

♦-♦-Elaine-♦-♦ said...

Woohoo way to go Paul, I use Ivory for the skin and blush for the well... blush!!! and as Poppet says use the blush round the edge and go over with ivory to blend makes great shading for faces hands etc... gorgeous card too :)

Elaine x

♦-♦-Elaine-♦-♦ said...

haha Paul...loves your typing.. you being a teacher an all, makes me feel soooo much better about my typos rofl!!

Elaine x

crafting diva said...

Lucky you paul I ahven't tryed this pens yet have heard alot about them. Maybe I will be lucky and santa will bring me some!!!!

Anonymous said...

THese pro makers are brilliant I love the way you have used them in your projects! My partners son uses them! he's a designer!
well done for a lovely blog also!
Samantha :0)