Friday, 9 January 2009

ATC Swaps

I've been thinking lately about how I miss making and swapping ATCs. I used to really enjoy making them but a lot of the swaps I used to join in with suddenly stopped. Without the inspiration and the 'want' to swap to get some back, I found I haven't made any. So why am I babbling on, well, I thought it would be nice to get a small group of people together and create our own little swap group. It wouldn't be anything major!
What I was thinking was that each month we'd have a theme, then create 4 ATCs (all identical or individual) and then post them to me by the end of the month and I'll swap them and send you 4 back. I'll create a list for the 12 months and e-mail them to you so that you know what's coming up well in advance.
Obviously for this to work, I'd need at least 4 others to show an interest before we can begin. I've created a Hotmail Account so that I can keep track of things in case it does take off, (EDIT - It has taken off and is in full swing) so if you are interested, leave a comment here and drop me a line at:
There'd be no stringent rules about style or what to use - any images, any techniques, any methods will be fine (as long as you remember they need to be able to go through the post).
Please spread the word around your crafty friends. Hopefully there'll be enough interest and we can start our first swap in January! (EDIT - There has ben enough interest and our first theme is FAVOURITES, see below for more info) I know there are lot of Challenges and such around these days but I always enjoyed recieving ATCs in the post and seeing how others interpreted the theme and hope others feel that this is something they'd like to participate in.
I've edited this post so that it remains on the top - please see below for newer posts and sneak peeks at the ATCs that have already been sent in.


cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Great idea paul would love to join in the fun, will post on my blog to encourage others ju x

Crafting Joanne said...

Hi Paul, just found your blog on Ju's blog. I'd love to take part in the ATC swap, so count me in please. I used to be involved with a number of swaps but as you say they just seemed to fizzle out. I'll also try and spread the word on my blog. Joanne x

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Paul, long time no blog! I would love to be involved with the swaps. Will leave a link on my blog to spread the word. Happy New Year! Heidi xxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hi just found you blog via Crafting Joanne so will leave word obn my blog too. Yippeee I love to swap ATC's so very interested. Hazel xo

Rosietoes said...

Hi Paul this is completely OT but I know you made some gorgeous boxes a while back with the Sizzix XL dies. Can I ask if you need an extended white plate when using these dies? I have the large cutting plates but I can't find any more info. Hope you can help.
Thank you.
BTW may I wish you a very happy New Year!! :)

Cazz said...

I'd love to join in too please. Off to e-mail you now

Rosietoes said...

Hi again Paul. I've just had a good giggle to myself. Obviously suffering a senior moment when I asked about the extended dies. LOL. Thank you for the reply, I'm sure it made you laugh as well. :)