Friday, 27 October 2017

Twinkle Frame Workshop

If you follow my Facebook group, Showing Off The Sue Wilson Style, you'll have seen this card before.  Last Saturday, I did a workshop at SET in Havefordwest and thought I'd show you some pictures. The workshop sold out quickly and so I promised to some in the Facebook group that I'd share the instructions for this card, so scroll to the bottom to find them.

A big HUGE thank you has to go to Judith, my magic hands for the day. She was a great help to me and the crafters. You can just see about see her in the top right here!

 Not too bad a mess having made almost 30 cards!

    Not sure how we ended up with one purple one?

1)       Make a card base by folding an A4 card in half and trimming to 18cm tall.
2)      Cut a piece of your coloured card to 6¾” by 5½”.
3)     Cut the outer frame from the Twinkle Star Frame with the decorative inner followed by the inner rectangle. Keep the ‘waste’.
4)     Adhere the frame to your coloured mat.
5)     Stamp the sentiment onto the ‘waste’ piece from earlier. Ink the edges in the same ink.
6)     3D mount the sentiment onto your card.
7)      Cut and form a large and small poinsettia and adhere to opposing corners.
8)     Cut foliage and adhere behind the poinsettias.
9)     Add pearls to each of the visible twinkling stars.

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