Sunday, 28 August 2016

I'm back!

Wow, has it really been that long?
Teaching has kept me busy and crafting had taken a back seat for a LONG time but finally wanting to get back into it. I blame Sue Wilson and her dies. So whilst I have been away, I have created a few items which I will share with you. Looking back on some of the previous ones, the look a bit basic and I see how I am progressing - be kind!

The first card I'm sharing with you is a 21st I made for my cousin. I wanted to try and use the striplet die to create a background using double sided sheet and glitter. I tried and tried and tried and this was the fifth attempt! It kept on coming out wrong and offset. Why is that? Little did I know that the die isn't exactly symmetrical and that the top and bottom segments aren't equal so I must have been flipping the die!!! I didn't have time for fussy flowers (and she isn't into fussy flowers anyway) so I decided to really break the mold and use the Poinsettia dies!!! 

Well off I pop as I am working on something right now, keep an eye out for another update soon...

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