Thursday, 22 July 2010

Door Hanger Treat Holder Tutorial

So here's another door hanging treat holder I made (and before anyone asks, yes I will show you a tutorial, in fact it's right underneath this pic ready and waiting!)

I've made this one for Papertake's challenge which is CUTE. I think that the image and the treat holder itself are cute. I've used some Stampin up card in Rose Red with the matching DSP. The image is another Bugaboo Turtle. I really like that the shells match the themes.

But if you've been waiting for the tutorial, here it is (I shall refer to the colours I've used here so that you can follow easier but you can use whatever you want):

What you will need:
1 piece of cardstock for the base cut at 3" by 11"
1 piece of black card cut at 2.75" by 3.25"
1 piece of black card cut at 2.75" by 1.75"
One piece of designer paper cut at 2.5" by 3"
One piece of designer paper ut at 2.5" by 1.5"
One topper (have used nestabilities to cut mine but be creative)
Stampin Up Oval Punch (this is the one I've worked the measurements around. I imagine it's possible to use other but then the measurements may need to be altered)
Double Sided Tape and Glue
A method for scoring (ruler and embossing tool or a scoreboard)

Scallop Oval Punch

Firstly, take your base card and score it at 1", 2", 4" and 4.5". You will also note that I've made a light score line at 7.5" too which I will use for lining up later - DO THIS VERY LIGHTLY or use a pencil.

Fold along each score line well and use a bone folder to sharpen the folds (do NOT fold the 7.5" line)

Now take the oval punch and push it as far as it will go from the base of the card. Center it at the sides and punch. The aim is to create a hole between the 1" and 2" scorelines. How's this for an action shot! Just look at the rose red card jumping out!

Punch a whole at the top too. I have done this by eye with the depth, just made sure I've centralised it at the sides so that it hangs straight. Your base should now look like this.

Attach the two black pieces  onto the base as shown above. I attached mine using double sided for strength but when attaching the top one, make sure you put some glue around the oval cut out (just rub some pritt around the outside on the rose red base). If you don't, you may find the layer coming looose around the handle area.

Turn the base card over and align the punch over the hole you created earlier (so that only the black shows - no pink). Punch through.

Do the same again with the designer paper.
Attach double sided tape to the panel as indicated above and stick it down by lining it up with the score line you made at 7.5".
It should now look like this.

Attach your topper to the front. I have created a border for the handle  using the oval punch and then punched a scallop one around it and glued it on.

Now simply add your treat and hang. I've used Dairy Milk for mine but I know Galaxy bars (the caramel ones, my fave) also fit. If you make one and find other fitting treats, please let me know. Originally, I used the SU Window punch but found the hole too small for many treats.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, once you've made one, you'll find they are easy to make and great for mass production. I can imagine having these on a stall at a Christmas Fair as they are something a little different.


This is my own tutorial and design. I made these treat holders using my own measurements and had to go through many test versions to get the proportions right (I have a bin load of scrapped versions). If you do use it, please show your appreciation by crediting me. Thank You.


Clarky J said...

Wow Paul I like this very much - it would be a great Valentine gift or Halloween in fact I am seeing many possibilities - thanks so much for sharing your hard work with us x Janet

Melissa S. said...

Paul, this is Cute. and so very clever. Thank You so much for the tutorial also. Gotta love the Turtles. I'm thinking this too would be great for Halloween and Christmas treats.

mckinkle said...

Thank you Paul for another fab tut! Not having any SU it will take me some time before I will be able to play with this one!

Fab image!

Keryn x

sgc said...

Paul--such a clever idea! Great tutorial.


Catherine said...

Thank you so much Paul for such a clever idea and such a great tutorial ! Smiles from Cathreine

Tenia Nelson said...

Love this!!

Cammy said...

Paul, this is fabulous! I definitely think this would be an awesome idea for the holidays. FUN!!!

Jill said...

wow Paul this is fab I love the tutorial too (thanks) thanks for joining us at PTW hugs Jill xx

Rae Anne said...

I "think" that I might actually be able to make this ABaC. . .;) I've even bookmarked it. . .;) Even so, they'll never be as great as yours - You are The ABaC Guru! :D Thanks so much for posting the measurements in inches too - You're too-too good to those of us across the "pond". . .;) MWAH!

Sarah B said...

Schools out for Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm defo gonna have a go at this tomorrow.

Hugs Sarah B X

Jodie Mackrell said...

wow! very cool Paul! i love this!!! so many possibilities!

TwinTrouble said...

Great tutorial... thank-you so much for sharing.
It'll be great for all occasions... especially with Christmas just round the corner... a nice little gift from Santa maybe :)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Paul,

Bravo pour vos compositions vraiment étonnantes ! Votre tutoriel donne une idée de votre générosité à partager. C'est très intéressant de découvrir le processus.

Merci et bonne continuation.
évelyne (from France)

Jeanie said...

OMG!!! Paul you are just too darn clever!! This is such a FABULOUS idea!! Love everything about it!

Sue said...

Paul,this is fantastic, great idea and a fabulous tutorial,will give this one a go as soon as i can find some time..thank you.
I will let you know if i make one and certainly credit ya darl:)


Cheryl said...

Wow I love this idea for a treat holder - it would make a great "boo" gift for Halloween that you do to your neighbors-you tag them with a boo gift & this one hangs right on their door!

"Soleil@mayotte" said...

Thanks to sharing this tutorial with us ! It inspire me !! I don't forget to join te link to what I do with it!
Hugs from Paris

Monika Reeck said...

Woow I love your idea...I put your lovely tutorial on my blog if you dont mind..and many thanks for this lovely idea....GREAT CREATIVITY Paul....

Poppet said...

Fantastic tutorial Paul. :-) xx

Alex said...

Great tutorial, thanks for the instructions and pictures - can't wait to give this a go :)

Thanks for sharing,

Alex x

Joynana said...

Paul I love Bugaboo stamps and Jodie. I have printed off your tutorial and as soon as I get a chance to make it. You will definitly get the credit.

mjscrapper21 said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. Wish I could place one on your door for you. You are great for sharing. I am new here and plan to visit. Cely steered me here. Thanks, mj

Lisa Lynn said...


Great tutorial, and a fun idea with Halloween coming. My kids will love this idea for special treats! Thanks.
Lisa Lynn

Curlybear said...

Hi Paul,
I love the door hanger its really inspiring and the tutorial is well written and easy to understand, thanks so much for sharing, Have a great weekend Hugs Bridget :)

Tuka said...

gostei muito...obrigada.

~jan said...

Just happened upon your blog and I just wanted to say how much I love this! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Mrs A. said...

This is a super tutorial and just going to have to make one so hubby can leave a treat for me to snack on whilst I'm busy in the'Craft Pod'. Thanks for sharing. Mrs A.

Pumpy said...

This is great Paul, Thanks, going to give it a go.

Louise said...

I've done your door hanger for my forum, I've created a new tutorial with my own pictures but I named my source: YOU!!! and gave your blog address too.
If you want to see, it's right here: