Saturday, 23 May 2009

Koh-I-Noor Pencils

The service at Elzybells is amazing. Wasn't expecting my parcel to arrive until after the bank Holiday and yet it arrived this morning. What did I order? I hear you ask. Well, I ordered the new Koh-i-noor pencils with the Sansodor and blending stubs (and some teddy stamps, the one below and the football teddy). I've been wanting some for ages but was unable to find them without ordering them abroad for an extortionate price so how pleased was I when Elzybells started stocking them! It was with Elizabeth that I saw them fisrt of all.

So here's my first attempt at blending with koh-i-noors and solvent. It isn't any good and a lot more practice is needed to get anything close to something I'll be happy with. Will also need to play around with the card stock too.

There's nothing special with the card as it was just a play around. Simply stamped coloured (well, attempted to colour) and added a sentiment and doodle border

Hadn't noticed until I put up the pics here that I've missed one of the ladybirds. Will fix that now lol!!!

Also went on to the Elzybells Blog to thank Elizabeth for the service and what did I see - my tea-bag card on display. There was only supposed to be one prize for this challenge but the rules were bent and so now I have a voucher to spend so will have to get more supplies. Can't wait.

OK, that's enough chit chat, I'm off to practice some more.


Donna said...

Paul your colouring is fab. I got my pencils through the door yesterday so I've been practising too lol. Congratulations on winning with your teabag card, thought it was amazing so I'm not surprised you won. Enjoy your weekend. Donna x

Vicky said...

Cute card Paul. I think your colouring with these new pencils is fab! I too am going to order some of these as I love the effect Elizabeth gets with them on her cards!
Vicky -x-

Milliesmarvels said...

The colouring looks great! I ordered some of the pens too on Thursday, I had a practice with my Friends pencils the other day and I hope with some more my cards will look half as good as Elizabeth's! Congratulations on winning a prize in the challenge, your card was very clever!

Tenia Nelson said...

Awesome card!! Your coloring rocks!!!

Amber said...

Paul ur card is too cute what kinda pencils are these exactialy the blending you did with them is too cool Adorable stamp too Have a great weekend

Cazzy said...

I haven't come across those pencils, oh no not more new pencils I might need!

Cazzy x

Charlene Austin said...

Nothing special??!! Paul you are crazy....the colouring is fantastic!! I can't believe that was your first practice. I think it's a GREAT card as was the tea bag card!!