Saturday, 31 May 2008

Class Cards

Went to a card class yesterday and here are the results. Have to admit that I cheated and didn't knit the sack! All the others did but the teacher had a spare knitted square which I used!!!!!


Christiana said...

Cute; a little "envelope" with the tool kit :) Love the colours

kes said...

lovely card.
thanks for visiting my blog
kes :)

Tracy said...

gorgeous cards love them both

Wendy said...

Lovely cards Paul.

What you don't knit!!!!

Wendy H x

Jackie G said...

I just love these cards!!! Fabulous job!!!

Lydia said...

Great cards! ^.^
You have so much wonderful work on your blog...and your choice of music is great too...until that is, I found...Black Lace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *.* Lol :0)